Mobile NDIS Occupational Therapy

At No Limits Healthcare, we understand that everyone is unique, and so are their needs. That's why we offer mobile NDIS Occupational Therapy services that bring the care and support directly to you Sydney-wide.

How can our OT’s assist?

Our OT’s focus on assisting people with disabilities with daily living activities such as self-care (showering, dressing, or eating), social interaction and participation (attend a concert or engage in a hobby) and productivity (school, work, parenting) so they can lead independent and meaningful lives.

Reach out to us if you need assistance with:

  • Functional assessment and identification of suitable living environment
  • Documentation of support needs, including person-to-person supports, environmental modifications, home mods and assistive technology
  • Care team approach, including development of a care plan and training of support workers where needed
  • Manual handling
  • Provision, trialling & training of assistive technology and equipment
  • Assessments for moving to independent living

Why choose No Limits Healthcare mobile OT’s?

  • At No Limits Healthcare, we go above and beyond for our participants. We are committed to excellence, personalised care and transparent communication with participants, family, and carers.
  • Our focus on accessible healthcare ensures that enquiries are answered within 24 hours, allowing for a timely & and stress-free booking process
  • We provide mobile service and don’t charge for travel
  • We can arrange a meet and greet to ensure that we are a good fit

Ready to get started?

Get in touch today to explore how No Limits Healthcare can assist.

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